On the wall

Stills 05 - € 95,00

Stills 05 is even smaller then our smallest light 08. But lighten up! You can hang it on the wall, light up or down, or just put it on a shelf.


The structure: laser cut, anodized aluminium.
The plissés: a composite paper; made of cellulosis polyester and fiber glass, non-flammable.


Diameter: 35 cm
Height: 27 cm


Maintainance: Clean with a duster.
Installation: E27 socket with 2 m cord, switch and plug.
Light bulb: Is not included. Choose a LED bulb to make your lighting choice even more environmentally friendly.


Stills is a series of lamps, bright and airy volumes for a beautiful illumination, a modular system with lots of possibilities!

The plissés are made from a special paper-like composite with a soft texture and subtle structure. Classical plissés reinvented in a modern aestethic. The lightweight structure is lasercut out of thin aluminium sheets and anodized for a nice look and durability.


Stills questions ? Please contact us, we love to help to light your stills!

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